Propel™ Orthodontic Acceleration – 50% Faster Treatment

Propel accelerates your orthodontics and reduces treatment time by as much as 50%. Combined with Invisalign, you will have a beautiful smile in no time without anyone noticing!

Award-Winning Orthodontic Treatment Accelerator

Proven by years of clinical research, Propel accelerates the treatment of bite issues such as spacing, overbites, crowding, and underbites. At our office, we use the best treatment methods and knowledge gained from university studies to complement your orthodontic treatments with Propel, placing you on the fast track to a straighter smile.

New Smiles in Fewer Office Visits

Featured on a special segment of ABC Health News, Propel “fast tracks” orthodontic treatments for clear aligner therapy.  It is a simple three step in-office procedure that is performed in minutes by the doctor and is designed to work with your body’s own biology to stimulate the bone around the teeth being repositioned.  Propel helps patients see their new, straighter smiles faster and in fewer office visits.

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