Invisalign Consultation

In just a few short visits, you can have a mouth full of beautiful straight teeth! The first step to achieving a healthy smile with our proven Invisalign process is to schedule a free consultation at our office. Call to discuss if Invisalign is the right orthodontic and aesthetic option for you.

What to Expect during the Initial Consultation

During your consultation, we will discuss your orthodontic and aesthetic goals while examining your teeth, bite, and smile. You will be given an overview of the Invisalign and Propel systems, and we will show you examples of before and after pictures. Finally, we will discuss fees, insurance benefits, and financing options.

Invisalign Records

If you choose to begin your Invisalign treatment, we will require 20 more minutes of your time for a few additional procedures. We will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth, as well as your bite registration. After we take these impressions, we take digital photographs of your teeth, bite, and smile and then perform a panoramic cephalometric X-ray.

Treatment Begins

Once we take records of your mouth, your first set of aligners should arrive within a few weeks. We immediately contact you to schedule your first treatment appointment. During this appointment, we review your instructions and make sure that everything fits perfectly. We also review your personalized three dimensional images as well as the results.