Meet Dr. Seth Wasson, DMD

Before you schedule an appointment for Invisalign or any of our general dentistry services, we want you to get to know Dr. Seth Wasson. Dr. Wasson graduated with a B.S. from Eastern Illinois University and obtained a Doctor of Dental Medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine.

He has more than 130 hours of continuing education in both national and international Invisalign courses and has been providing Invisalign for more than 11 years.

Dr. Wasson’s Invisalign Experience:

  • Clear Essentials I (General Certification), Las Vegas, NV, 2004
  • Clear Essentials II (Advanced Certification), Beverly Hills, CA, 2007
  • Costa Rica Study Club, San Jose, CR, 2010
  • Invisalign Summit, 2008 to present
  • Invisalign Premier Provider 2014 & 2015

Contact us today and join the growing number of Dr. Wasson’s patients using Invisalign. Dr. Wasson also provides general dentistry for patients in Brentwood, Missouri, and the surrounding St. Louis area.